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Gregg Osteen


(828) 393-8200


Horse Shoe Firearms


(828) 890-8200


The Armed Christian Firearms Training
The Armed Christian Firearms Training


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  • Brandi (Thursday, May 23 19 07:31 pm EDT)

    Gregg is a fantastic instructor! He keeps the class interesting with personal insight, practical examples, and years of experience. I left the conceal carry class with much more knowledge than I'd previous had and I'm looking forward to taking some of his other classes! Highly recommended!

  • Mike (Thursday, May 23 19 07:30 pm EDT)

    It was a quality, professional presentation. Best money I have spent lately! Gregg is an expert in his field.

  • Wendy (Thursday, May 23 19 07:30 pm EDT)

    Gregg makes the required material informative, interesting, challenging, and thought provoking. His presentation includes movie clips to make you think about important topics. Your range qualification time lets Gregg improve your confidence and your fundamental shooting skills. Great class!

  • David (Wednesday, May 22 19 07:19 pm EDT)

    Great teacher, very easy to listen to. Great interaction in class. Very thorough and fun

  • John (Wednesday, May 22 19 07:17 pm EDT)

    Great class fun atmosphere.

  • Chari (Wednesday, May 22 19 07:16 pm EDT)

    I took the all ladies CCH class along with 4 others (including my mom & sister) and found it very informative. Gregg created a very comfortable environment, especially for those of us who were mostly unfamiliar with handguns. He did a good job explaining and going through the required material as well as discussing real-life scenarios to help us understand the material and how to apply it. I felt that the class was very accommodating for someone like myself who knew very little about handguns going into class. I also appreciated the one on one time he gave each student during shooting qualification at the range. He is very professional and it is clear he respects gun safety and wants his students to be comfortable and knowledgable with handguns as well. I would recommend his class to anyone looking to learn more and get their CCH permit. It is not something I ever thought I would do, but after having gone through the experience I feel much more comfortable, knowledgeable and confident. I am very happy I took the class and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about taking a conceal carry class.

  • Angelina (Wednesday, May 22 19 05:25 pm EDT)

    The women's concealed carry class I took was informative and interesting; I was glad for the opportunity to participate in a comfortable and accommodating environment. I would recommend it to anyone!

  • Mark (Wednesday, May 22 19 05:24 pm EDT)

    Who better to take this course from, but an experienced NC law enforcement officer. Gregg is your man!

  • Cindy (Wednesday, May 22 19 05:00 pm EDT)

    I took the Armed Christian concealed carry handgun class found it very informative, Greg the instructor kept things very interesting gave us plenty of breaks had drinks snacks and lunch for all of us. and Wendy at Horseshoe Gun and Ammo was amazing as well. I would recommend this class to everyone interested in protecting themselves and or their family and loved ones. or finds their self in a situation needing to help strangers ...very informative class.

  • Staci (Wednesday, May 22 19 04:59 pm EDT)

    My mother, sister, and I attended the first all ladies class. The class discussed all of the general info needed as well as scenarios that target women more specifically. We all live in separate homes and now feel more confident in protecting ourselves and homes.

  • Byron (Wednesday, May 22 19 04:58 pm EDT)

    If you are interested in taking a concealed weapon permit Gregg is the man.

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